Be Active


Benefits of Being Active

It can give you immediate benefits such as Increased Energy, Reduced Stress and Anxiety, Improved Sleep, and a Better Mood

There's nothing better than feeling energized and at your best every day! Continue reading for some active tips to start today!

Active Tips

A good way to boost your energy and reduce stress is to be physically active. Physical activity is meant to be ENJOYED - walk with a friend, do some gardening, play with your kids, visit a local park!

* There are many ways to enjoy your local park: walking trails, biking paths, play and exercise equipment. Some even have fishing ponds!


Which Activity Speaks To You?

A daily walk, gardening, walking your dog, dancing at home while you cook, riding your bike, playing sports? All of the above?

No matter what activity it is, do what you enjoy!


We're All In This Together

Some people move on two legs, some people move on two wheels. You're not alone. Move your way every day!


Try these At Home activities:

  1. Dancing non-stop for 10 songs on the radio or your phone.
  2. Arm raises during commercial breaks on TV
  3. Lunges to the kitchen or across the backyard.
  4. Gardening or yard work



For more tips and information on how to be physically active, visit:

AZ Health Zone

CDC Physical Activity for People with Disabilities



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