Nutrition Security


Nutrition Security: It’s a basic human right.

Nutrition Security is when all people have consistent access to safe, healthy affordable foods for them to enjoy optimal health and well-being.



Equitable Access to Nutritious Food

We believe everyone should have the nutritious food they need to support their health at every stage in life.  Yuma HEAL Coalition aims to improve equitable access to nutritious food by

  • supporting the development of  immediate food access supports like community gardens and neighborhood food pantries 
  • advancing longer term solutions that can create a more equitable, sustainable and resilient local food system 
  • practicing cultural humility and respect for diverse traditions and preferences around food

Food System

A Food System is all of the components that are involved in the growing, transportation, processing, selling, consuming and disposing of food.

Food Policy Council

A food policy council is a group of people who come together to improve food systems. As a working group of the Yuma HEAL Coalition, the Food Policy Council will bring together community residents, community agencies and local government to engage in a variety of efforts to enhance food access within our local food system.

The Food Policy Council is currently under development.

If you are interested in being a part of this workgroup, please contact:

Suzanne Cooper 
Ph: (928)317-4632

Tricia Kinnell
Ph: (928)317-4633