What is Nutrition?

It is a science that studies how the body uses nutrients, and also a science that looks at how and why people eat.

Proper food and good nutrition are essential for health and well being. It involves consuming foods and beverages that provide nutrients and calories that nourish and fuel our body. It is important to make food and beverage choices that promote health and help prevent chronic disease throughout our lifespan.

There is no such thing as a perfect diet.



Nutritional Needs

We are all unique with different bodies, goals, backgrounds and tastes, so food choices are a balance of fulfilling nutritional needs, hunger, taste/pleasure, culture, and personal and family traditions.

A healthful eating plan can include your favorite cultural foods and traditions.

Food is meant to be enjoyed!

Nourishment Tips

 To nourish your mind and your body try these tips:

  • Prepare and cook your own food at home when you can. This can be a great time to get creative and get your kids involved in the process.
  • Want to know more about what’s in your food? Learn how to read Nutrition Facts Labels. ( visit US Food and Drug Administration)
  • Good food brings us together. Enjoy your meals with friends or family when possible.

All foods fit within your diet. You can make food choices that honor your health, your culture, your traditions and your taste buds!



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